Legend has it… The Great Spanish Explorer Ramone Castilliano landed in the new world and found a treasure beyond compare. The treasure was so wonderful and so powerful that he decided to hide it away from the rest of the world, so that no one could ever take it and use it for their own purpose. In order to find it, a key was required to open the lock hiding the resting place of the treasure. This key was Castilliano’s most prized possession, but he knew that he must hide the key to keep the treasure safe. Castilliano broke the key into 8 pieces and entrusted 8 of his closest allies with the task of hiding the pieces from the world. He sent his allies off, never asking where they were going and never seeing them again.

The legend of the treasure grew as the years passed, stories were handed down from sailor to sailor. Stories about the beauty and the power of the great and unknown treasure were told by all, yet no two stories were alike. Yes, there were similarities and yes each story held true to the pieces of 8 and the 8 entrusted guardians… But never in any of the stories could the teller describe the treasure, only that it was the most beautiful and most powerful treasure ever to be found… And hidden again. The unknown treasure was sought after by pirates, treasure hunters and laymen alike, years and years passed with the occasional bit of information about letters and manuscripts of knowledge about the whereabouts of the treasure. The treasure fell into obscurity, except for the few remaining salty dogs still telling the tale, looking for glory in the taverns and bars. The 8 pieces of the key were lost to the world… or so everyone thought. No one but Castilliano and his 8 allies new what the pieces of 8 looked like, and no one was ever sure which of Castilliano’s 8 allies were entrusted with the task to hide the key.

Recently, the tales of Castilliano have become popular again. Each of the ports you have visited in the last three months have been abuzz with excitement as a stange man in a hooded cloak has been salting the area with silver in search of information as to the whereabouts of Castilliano’s remaining crew. If memory serves you right, any of Casilliano’s remaining crew would be as old as the hard tack on your last voyage… Still there’s always something exciting about treasure tales even if their just fables… Or are they?

Pieces of Eight

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